With a show of hands, who loves to be alone??
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Chances are, unless you are a cat, you do not like being alone. The majority of human beings go to great lengths to avoid being alone, mostly out of fear...but do you want to know a secret? Being alone is NOT the same as being lonely.
See, I've discovered that loneliness stems from a belief or thought that something, outside of yourself, makes you whole. When the person or thing you are codependent on is no longer around, you feel empty, or incomplete. I've never met anyone who said that they CHOSE to feel lonely; the cause of loneliness is mostly due to the departure or absence of something external. This is what most people erroneously refer to as "being alone".
However, 'aloneness' [or in other words, solitude] is NOT a result of uncontrollable variables, but rather a CHOICE. A choice to separate yourself from people, places, and things that are clouding your vision or reality. Ultimately, spiritual solitude is a choice to experience your WHOLENESS and to uncover your TRUTH, by yourself.  Despite our constant efforts to stray away from solitude, it is a core part of our 'human-ness'. HEY, WE ARE BORN ALONE AND WE DIE ALONE RIGHT? To some extent, that saying has validity. I recognized that although energetically we are all connected, physically we are our own mini world. [[So we are a little universe within a huge universe, but we are still THE universe, get it?]] Being in physical form allows us to experience 'separation', a notion that does not exist in higher realms. Almost every spiritual teacher in the history of mankind has attested to the importance of solitude, and the need for that time period in your life to be embraced and built upon. WELL, WHY IS THAT? Ahhh I am glad you asked 🙂 Allow me to share 4 aspects of spiritual solitude that I have learned and experienced:


Solitude 'cleans out your closet', so to speak. The demons hiding in those cracks and crevices come out to play. Addictions, emotional wounds, childhood traumas, toxic beliefs and behaviors, etc. rear their ugly little heads. Let them come out! They have been hiding for a reason, maybe to give you protection or comfort from the outside world. Observe them and their core meanings, then make the decision to let them go if they no longer provide a healthy purpose. Their aim is to be acknowledged, to be held, to be loved, to be understood, to be accepted, and to be released. By doing this, you have essentially learned to heal yourself. [By the way, sometimes these little suckers will come back again and again until you are really ready to  completely release them. Many of them have several layers that need to be healed one by one. So have patience with yourself in the process, Ok? 🙂 ]


Solitude has the same effect on you like a snake shedding its' skin. Once you 'clean out your closet', you slowly begin to 'shed' or let go of the low vibrations that no longer serve you.  All of the things that bought you comfort, that once helped you hide or distract you from your pain, are no longer acting as your crutch. [SCARY!] Solitude exposes all the lies/false beliefs you've been fed [or have been feeding yourself]. This will leave you raw, vulnerable, and HUNGRY for answers. You will want to seek Truth. S**t needs to change for the shift to happen. 


Solitude sends you down the path of self-discovery. Keep your mind and heart open and choose to grow in this season. If it is answers you seek, answers YOU SHALL RECEIVE.  Explore who you really are and what your Higher Purpose is. Dig into your own psyche to know the reasons why you say, think, and do things in order take inventory: if it is authentic, if it is your Truth, it stays. If not, Toodle-Lo! Solitude will help reveal one of the most important keys to life: SELF-AWARENESS.


THIS IS THE SHIFT.  In the space of solitude there is enormous opportunity for growth that is accessible through introspection, awareness, and meditation.  YOU FINALLY REALIZE YOU ARE YOUR OWN TEACHER, HEALER, AND GURU! The more you are aware and clear out the low energy vibrations, the more you ride the high vibrational flows of the universe. By riding the flow of life, you receive all sorts of beautiful signs and messages, and experience synchronicities up the yin-yang, confirming that you are doing a great job and are on the right track. You realize that you CAN trust your Higher Self. You realize that you CAN trust the growth process. You realize that the universe DOES have your back. You realize that you are NOT alone, you have you. And you are WHOLE.

The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself....and sometimes, your elevation requires your isolation!