Mindfulness...the path to forgiveness?

Recently I stumbled upon the blog post of a man, Noah Levine, who had a very rough upbringing and made quite a few wrong choices. While in prison, he began to meditate. He's been practicing for over 10 years now. Although his story was inspiring, it wasn't his decade long dedication or his past experiences that moved me- but rather what he learned about forgiveness by meditating.

Forgiveness Is NOT A Magical Prayer Or Mantra

It is not something you say and >poof< you're done, on to the next thing. He said, "The experience of forgiveness is a momentary release. In reality, we don’t and can’t forgive forever, only for that present moment." So in essence, forgiving someone for the moment gives us temporary freedom. But then we remember...that thing....so we start to feel angry, hurt or sad again....anddddd we are right back where we started.

Nothing is permanent in life. Forgiveness, just like love, compassion, patience, and kindness need to be practiced moment to moment. Cue in the magic key, MINDFULNESS. Being mindful of our thoughts and actions help us to make the right decisions in our lives. It helps us to be IN THE MOMENT. Meditation allows us to achieve just that. 

Forgiveness Is A Choice

I don't know about you, but I find it difficult at times to remain present, especially if I am remembering past injustices or how much someone hurt me...but it is at that specific moment mindfulness should be practiced. It is a split second choice to forgive once again instead of perpetuating the hurtful thoughts and feelings. It is the choice to our FREEDOM and INNER PEACE.

This was such a beautiful reminder of our human-ness...thanks Noah! 

If you are interested in reading the full article, click here.