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4 Reasons Why You NEED to Start Journaling NOW

There are times where I have had thoughts and feelings that I just could NOT share with anyone.

I am pretty sure everyone has had these moments as well. We do not want to hear advice or criticism, we want to express ourselves without having to censor anything. We want to let it all out without repercussions. Well, I can tell you that my trusty journal has allowed me to do just that.

I began journaling years ago, at the request of my spiritual teacher. At first, I was a bit skeptical. "I am not feeling this 'Dear Diary' crap", I would say to myself, pouting with pen in hand. It felt like a chore. But as time went on, I was surprised at the relief I felt every time I finished. I was amazed at the things I would discover about myself. Who was this brave new women shamelessly and unapologetically writing whatever the heck she wanted? Whoa. I realized I had a voice, and it mattered.

A beautiful ceramic teacup placed on a diary while the tea evaporates as steam

Journaling is a personal writing practice that allows you to vent. It's like an adult diary. It becomes a safe space, a place where you are not judged or condemned or scrutinized for your thoughts. Journaling has become my best friend, and it can become yours too. Here's why:

1. You Get To Know Yourself

Most of us don't know who we truly are. We have been conditioned to act and behave in certain ways to please others. We have acquired so many masks throughout the years that we actually believe we are those masks. Journaling lets you put those masks down, at least for a while. It allows you to be free, to be yourself. What dreams are you putting off? Do you have healthy boundaries with others and yourself? What are your triggers and why? How do you talk to yourself? What are some habits that you want to let go of?  Self-awareness is born out of observing the the things you do, think, and say. Dig deep, get to know yourself.

2. You Receive Insight

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone to guide you all the time and give you the best possible advice you should take in any situation? NEWSFLASH: You already have that person - your Higher Self. Your soul is always guiding you. You just have to quiet your mind and listen. Journaling allows your Higher Self to step in and provide you with insights and wisdom regarding anything you are going through. There are times that I would journal about a particular concern and feel stuck. Then, I would meditate for a few minutes and quiet my mind. In that quiet space, I would proceed to journal again. I noticed that this time, I was writing from a bird's eye view. I no longer felt stuck. The answer became clear as day. THIS is how your Higher Self shows up and shows out in journaling. 

3. You Can Set Goals and Track Progress

A big part of why I love journaling is that you can set goals, write action steps, and track your progress. When you look back, you actually see how far you have come. It is inspirational really. Not going to lie though, there are many 'goals' I had set for myself a while ago that I look at now and I think, "THIS is what you wanted to strive for? You gotta be kidding me." I see how far I have come spiritually and mentally. Half the stuff I set 'goals' for I no longer care to obtain because I am in a different place of consciousness. It is all about growth and changing your goals according to how you are growing.

4. It Facilitates Healing

Hands down the best perk of journaling is that it facilitates healing. It lets you release emotions you did not even know you had. By feeling those unwanted feelings and writing about them, you are initiating healing. You are releasing the old, making room for the new. This is particularly hard for me because I conditioned myself to stuff down and ignore unwanted emotions (like most people actually). As you know, this is unhealthy and later bites you in the butt. Journaling has helped me acknowledge suppressed feelings and shed light on it, little by little. There is something so powerful about seeing your writing becoming smudged by your tears, almost as if you are washing away your pain. The only way you start to heal, is if you feel.


Easy-peasy lemon squeezy. Grab a pretty notebook and start writing what you think and feel for at least 5 minutes a day. That's it. If you don't like writing or if you feel like your privacy might be comprised in any way, download a diary or password protected notebook app and type away [I like Microsoft OneNote and Evernote]. The main things are to do it consistently and DON'T HOLD BACK!!




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The Path to Forgiveness

Mindfulness...the path to forgiveness?

Recently I stumbled upon the blog post of a man, Noah Levine, who had a very rough upbringing and made quite a few wrong choices. While in prison, he began to meditate. He's been practicing for over 10 years now. Although his story was inspiring, it wasn't his decade long dedication or his past experiences that moved me- but rather what he learned about forgiveness by meditating.

Forgiveness Is NOT A Magical Prayer Or Mantra

It is not something you say and >poof< you're done, on to the next thing. He said, "The experience of forgiveness is a momentary release. In reality, we don’t and can’t forgive forever, only for that present moment." So in essence, forgiving someone for the moment gives us temporary freedom. But then we remember...that thing....so we start to feel angry, hurt or sad again....anddddd we are right back where we started.

Nothing is permanent in life. Forgiveness, just like love, compassion, patience, and kindness need to be practiced moment to moment. Cue in the magic key, MINDFULNESS. Being mindful of our thoughts and actions help us to make the right decisions in our lives. It helps us to be IN THE MOMENT. Meditation allows us to achieve just that. 

Forgiveness Is A Choice

I don't know about you, but I find it difficult at times to remain present, especially if I am remembering past injustices or how much someone hurt me...but it is at that specific moment mindfulness should be practiced. It is a split second choice to forgive once again instead of perpetuating the hurtful thoughts and feelings. It is the choice to our FREEDOM and INNER PEACE.

This was such a beautiful reminder of our human-ness...thanks Noah! 

If you are interested in reading the full article, click here. 


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