Truth be told, we can take on a hefty load of other people's crap.

How many times have we said:
"If they cheat on me one more time, I'm done."
"If they hit me one more time, I'm done."
"If they come home late again, I'm done."
"Fill in your own... you get the point."

The next time they do it, we make up another excuse and say the same threat over and over again....UNTIL ONE DAY. Now seemingly that day, you feel as if you've had enough of them and you just cannot take it anymore. You've cracked; when in fact, it has NOTHING to do with them, it's all about YOU!

Real Transformation

Here me out: REAL transformation doesn't happen until you truly decide to get real with yourself. When you are done making excuses. When you are done being hurt & mistreated. When you realize that you must put yourself first, no matter the consequences that lie ahead.

[This can also happen outside of a relationship context, for example, you could be taking drugs or living an unhealthy lifestyle.]

Regardless, transformation initiates when you faintly begin to recognize your worth, your truth, your path. It's not easy. As a matter of fact, it's crazy scary because you start to question your entire existence. Most importantly, it's not an epiphany. It is a journey that takes you in spirals, revisiting the same issues until you ultimately capture what your soul is trying to show you.

You will start to shed habits, beliefs, relationships, careers, friends, and interests that no longer resonate with your truth and who you really are. Your life will slowly re-build itself in the most beautiful, painful, and awe-inspiring of ways. It isn't for the faint of heart, which is why until you are TRULY tired of your own crap, will you embrace the journey of transformation!

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